DEC 13

Psalm 100:1-5
Memorise Proverbs 4:23
“Serve the Lord with gladness...”

The walk of the believer should be characterized by joy. Psalm 100 describes the joyful manner in which we are to come before the Lord and serve Him with gladness. This joy is one that overwhelms us, such that we cannot help but to burst forth with shouts of praise and songs of thanksgiving, for we know all that He has done for us, and are thankful that we can render something to Him in return. This is true joy and it is able to endure good or bad times. However, this joy can be lost, even for the Christian. How so? Joy can be lost when we are in sin (Psalm 38:3). But how is this also true in the area of service? We can lose joy in service when we serve amiss, when we do not serve God the way that He has required of us to do. Do note that sincerity alone does not make our service acceptable to God. When we serve Him, we are to serve Him in the manner that He has taught us from His Word. Being familiar with God’s Word allows us to not only know what God requires but also to understand who God is. That helps us know how to serve God correctly.

There are many possible causes for serving amiss. It happens when we serve man instead of God. Note, however, that it is also possible that the “man” mentioned here could be ourselves. Your ideas on how to serve Christ may take precedence over what God requires. You end up doing things by your own wisdom and not according to God’s Word. Also, you may be guilty of putting more weight in your own ideas than those of others when God’s Word tells us to be humble and to esteem others better than ourselves (Philippians 2:3). The consequences of serving God amiss can be quite serious. Romans 14:23 tells us that anything that is “not of faith is sin”. If we serve God without faith, which includes our obedience, we actually sin against Him. The consequences of serving Him amiss will be more than just a loss of personal joy, but many around us will be hurt especially when one is called into a position of leadership. Hence, we must be very careful with our motives when we serve God. If we lack joy, we must reflect and study our hearts for it is most likely due to serving God amiss.

Thought: When was the last time I searched my heart for wrong motives?
Prayer: Father, show me where I have sinned against Thee.