DECEMBER 19, Genesis 9:12-16 


When the Flood finally subsided, Noah and his family were allowed out of the Ark. God made a covenant or agreement with Noah and his family and generations of mankind thereafter, that there will never be another global flood again.


God sealed the promise with the beautiful token of a rainbow in the sky. This is the “bow in the cloud” mentioned in verse 13. Previously, the earth never had any rainbow, as there was no rain. Rainbows are caused by the rays of the sun reflected from the falling raindrops at a particular angle to the eye of the spectator. The next time you catch a rainbow, recall the promise of God to mankind. Thank and praise Him too for His mercy not to destroy the earth by Flood again.


Colour the rainbow in all its seven colours. Clue: Ruler of York gave battle in vain.


19 12 2019 

Thought: When you see a rainbow, remember the promises of God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for beautiful rainbows You make. May I see the truth in Your creation and remember to not be like the people in the days of Noah, but to put my trust in You.This is my prayer in Jesus’ name, amen.