DECEMBER 20, Genesis 11:1-9 


The Bible tells us the human race decided to make a permanent dwelling on fertile land they found. Using bricks and slime, they wanted to build a city and a tower “whose top may reach unto heaven”. They also wanted to make a name for themselves, and this impressive tower was to be called the “Tower of Babel”.

This tower is not just a tower that was high. There was pride and rebellion against God. This building they set out to create was probably a ziggurat, a multi-storied tower which they wanted to build to reach heaven. God wanted the people to populate and fill the earth but they went against God’s desire. Instead, they wanted to build the tower so that they would not be scattered. This did not please God at all.


The meaning of the word “Babel” means to confuse, and it was clear that the Lord wanted to do just that. God confused the people’s language so that they could not understand each other and after that, He scattered them all over the world.

The main sins then were pride and rebellion.

Thought: May I never be guilty of pride and rebellion.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, please teach me humility from today’s RPG reading. May I remember I am but a creature of Yours and so must give You all glory and honour. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.