DECEMBER 22, Genesis 41:37-41 


In a wealthy country like Singapore, there is no lack of food and water. However, the situation is very different elsewhere. It is estimated that 800,000,000 people in this world go hungry or thirsty daily. Where do these people live? Most of them live in parts of Asia and Africa, where famines sometimes occur. Famines are the result of drought. The land becomes parched because of lack of rain. Crops cannot grow and animals die. People then die from lack of food and water.


Genesis chapter 41 tells us about a severe famine in Egypt during the time of Joseph. Before the famine, the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt, had two dreams. In his first dream, he saw seven fat cows and seven thin cows.The seven thin cows then ate up the seven fat cows. Pharaoh woke up and then fell asleep again. He had a second dream. He dreamt about seven thin ears of corn which devoured seven full ears of corn. Pharaoh called upon his magicians and wise men, but none could interpret his dreams. The chief butler who had remembered how Joseph interpreted his dream told the Pharaoh.The Pharaoh then had Joseph released from prison and asked him to interpret his dreams. Joseph said to the Pharaoh what the Lord had revealed to him. Joseph interpreted the dreams to mean that there will be seven good years of harvest in Egypt followed by seven years of famine. Joseph then advised Pharaoh to find a wise man to oversee the gathering and storage of grain during the seven good years of harvest so that the food stored will be used during the seven years of famine. What Joseph said was good in the eyes of the Pharaoh and his servants. Joseph found favour with men. The Pharaoh seeing how the Lord was with Joseph appointed him to rule over Egypt, second in command only to him.


The Bible records for us the Lord was with Joseph (Genesis 39:2; 21). The Lord blessed Joseph in whatever he did. Joseph was a good testimony to the people around him. Joseph had obeyed the Lord and kept close to Him.



Thought: Have you been obedient to the Lord? Have you been a good testimony for the Lord?


Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to be obedient to Thy Word. Help me to live a life pleasing before you so that I can be a good testimony to others. This I pray, in Jesus’ name, amen.