DECEMBER 24, Genesis 21:1-7 


Do you know the meaning of the name “Isaac”? It means “laughter”. In one sense, it is the joy in laughter for Abraham and Sarah for they were very old when Isaac was born; they must have been filled with gladness and joy at the little bundle of life God gave! Another reason was that Sarah, when told she would give birth in her old age, laughed as she did not believe God could use her womb.


When our parents gave names to us, they did it with great care as names stay with us for life! Many of you have wonderful names, and many of these names have great significance.


You would of course know your name, but what is the meaning? If you are not sure, go ask your parents. There are some popular names and perhaps some of you may be called the same name. Some popular names are Angela, or Joy, or Grace (for girls) and John, or David, or Michael (for boys). But whatever names we have, there is one name that all of us reading this Junior RPG should have too. Guess what this is?


It is the name – Christian. All of us, whatever we are called, must be called Christian for that is more important than any earthly name our parents gave us. Are you sure you are a Christian? If you are, write your name in the treasure chest.

 24 12 2019



Thought: Lord I want to be a Christian!


Prayer: Heavenly Father, when I say I am a Christian, may I realize what a wonderful privilege it is to be Your child. I pray I’ll keep true to You and read Your Holy Word carefully each day. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.