DECEMBER 27, Genesis 27:1-10 


Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys – Esau, and his younger brother Jacob. Though they were twins, their personalities and looks were very different. Esau was a hairy man who was also a skilled hunter. Jacob, on the other hand, had smooth skin and was not an outdoor person, preferring to live in his tent home. There was also a major problem in the family – the parents practised favouritism. Isaac loved Esau the first-born, but Rebekah loved Jacob the second child.


One day, Rebekah overheard a conversation between Isaac and Esau and realised Isaac was about to give his blessings to Esau. She then came up with a plan to cheat her husband who was old, and whose eyesight was failing. She asked her favourite son Jacob to pretend to be his brother and to feed his father with his favourite dish which she cooked.


Did Jacob protest upon hearing his mother’s plan of deception? Was he a young and gullible child led astray by his mother? No, Jacob at that time was already a man and should have known what his mother suggested was wrong. Instead of stopping her, he went along with the plot. 

Write A for Agree and D for Disagree against the statements.

  1. To deceive others is to do something that betrays the trust of others.     

  2. To deceive others is a sin.                                                                              

  3. Telling “white lies” and “half-truths” is a form of deceiving others.         

Thought: When we deceive others we not only sin against the people whom we deceive but we also sin against God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to remember that deception is a sin. Help me also to resist the temptation to deceive others. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.