DECEMBER 28, Genesis 33:1-4 


In Genesis chapter 27, Jacob had cheated Esau of the blessings of his birth right by pretending to be the older first-born son when he was the younger son. As a result, Esau became very angry at Jacob and threatened to kill Jacob. Jacob then fled from Esau and went to the land of Padan-aram. Many years later, Jacob decided to return to the land of Canaan but he was in fear of his brother Esau whom he had cheated of his birthright. Fearing Esau’s wrath, he sent his wives and families to cross the river Jabbok. He also prepared and sent presents to Esau ahead of him to appease his brother.


Esau who then lived in the country of Edom, south of Canaan, then went up to the river Jabbok to meet up with his brother Jacob. Jacob must have been very afraid that his brother Esau would harm him. But to Jacob’s surprise, Esau ran to meet him, embraced him and both of them wept. Esau had forgiven Jacob for what he had done. The two brothers were reconciled.


To “reconcile” means to forgive one another, to make peace with each other and to restore the relationship with each other.


Dear children, have you been in a situation where someone did wrong to you and made you angry so much so that you did not want to befriend that person anymore? Were you ever in a quarrel with a friend and did not speak to each other after the quarrel? The Bible tells us that we need to forgive one another (Colossians 3:13). rough forgiving one another, we can be reconciled to each other. God wants us to love and care for each other.

Thought: May I learn to forgive others even though they sin against me.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, may Thou give me a forgiving attitude towards others when they sin against me and may I seek to reconcile with them. This I pray in Jesus’ precious name, amen.