DECEMBER 29, Genesis 37:3, 4 


Today’s passage tells us that Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him. Why? Their father loved Joseph more than any other child. He also gave Joseph a beautiful multi-coloured coat. Every time his brothers saw it, they were unhappy because they were not given such coats.


Do you ever feel jealous? Maybe you think your parents favour a sibling but not you? Perhaps you think they spend more time with another child and you feel a little neglected? Or perhaps you think a present given to you is not as precious as something given to your sister or brother? Jealousy may not only be towards family members but friends or even strangers. Some children like to compare the gadgets they have, the places they go to for vacations, the marks they get in school.


Dear child, beware of jealousy. The brothers of Joseph were jealous and that led them to do something terrible to their own brother – they sold him as a slave to strangers, not caring if he lived or died and hoping never to see him again. Jealousy is like a virus that cannot be seen but is very harmful. We have the most wonderful privilege of being a child of God and that must comfort us and give us more than enough joy.


When we see others do better than us in school, we should be happy for them instead of being jealous. God has a wonderful plan for all of us, and we must be contented with what He has planned. As students, try your best and study hard, and leave the rest to the Lord.


Do you still harbour jealousy in your heart? If you do, please pray that God will take that feeling from you before it hurts you more. You must remember that jealousy is a sin, and that you need God’s cleansing and help to get rid of it.

Thought: May I avoid the “virus” of jealousy.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray I will not be jealous when I see good things happen to others, but instead be happy for them. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.