DECEMBER 31, Genesis 45:1-8

We end this year’s Junior RPG reading with a most beautiful passage about forgiveness. We continue with the account of Joseph.


He was a powerful official in Egypt when a famine affected the land of Egypt and surrounding countries. People from these countries had to seek Egypt’s help to sell them food, and among these people who came were his brothers!


You will recall these were the men who betrayed Joseph and sold him into slavery years ago. When they saw Joseph, they could not recognise him. They did not expect him to be alive. They would have never imagined their long-lost brother would be the powerful official in front of them.


Do you think the 10 brothers were afraid when Joseph revealed who he was? Of course! They must have been so fearful because the brother they harmed is now such a powerful man. But Joseph was indeed wise and godly, and told them it was God’s wonderful plan to have sent him to Egypt through his brothers. Instead of anger, Joseph had forgiveness and love.


Have you been hurt by someone? Do you have any anger in your heart against anyone? Do you think it is very difficult to forgive someone for the pain he has caused you? If so, learn from Joseph. If he could forgive the evil done by his brothers, we can forgive the pain others cause us. Remember it is not that Joseph was great; it is his God that is great.


The God of Joseph is also your God. If He can help Joseph forgive, He can help you too, if you are willing.


As we come to the close of the year, search your hearts to see if there is any unforgiveness or bitterness. If there is, please pray to the Lord to help you forgive and not be bitter about things.


Thought: He who is unforgiving and bitter hurts himself most.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I learn to be as forgiving as Joseph was, and also understand that nothing happens by chance, but by Your will. I thank You for keeping me this year and ask that You would continue to be merciful in the new year. Heavenly Father, I need Your help and guidance everyday so I pray I will continue to keep close to You. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.