OCTOBER 13, Joshua 23:3-7

What are some of the fastest times taken for a man to run 100 metres? These world-class sprinters take less than 10 seconds to complete the 100 metre run and it is amazing how fast these athletes are!

Is our Christian life like that of a 100-metre sprint? I am afraid not. Instead, the Christian life is more likened to a marathon. It is a long endurance test. There are ups and downs in our Christian life, much like a physical marathon. Even the best marathoners take more than two hours.

Coming to our text today, we see the consistency and faithfulness of Joshua. Near the end of his life, he still asked the people to look to the Lord, to be courageous as commanded by the Lord of him when they were about to enter the Promised Land. This is another important lesson for us – to be faithful to the end. Many can be faithful when the battle begins, but how many will last?

Dear child, you are still young and many are the years ahead of you. Commit your ways to the Lord and remain faithful, for great are the rewards and wonders of a life surrendered to the Lord. Begin in small ways: Be faithful in doing your Quiet Time, be faithful in being kind and helpful, be faithful in obeying and honouring your parents, and be faithful in giving of your best in school work.

 13 10 2019

Thought: May I be a faithful and consistent child.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I learn to be faithful and consistent for You. Help me to understand that my Christian life is not so much a short sprint, but a long run that can be filled with twists and tumbles, and I need to remain close to Jesus all the way. This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.