OCTOBER 14, Judges 1:1, 28-30

After Joshua died, problems started to appear. You will read in verses 28 to 30 that the tribes were disobedient as they did not drive out the Canaanites. Instead, they made the Canaanites their tributaries – it means these people were allowed to live but had to pay taxes or give regular food or other supplies to the Israelites, who were more powerful than they.

Against God’s revealed Word, the Israelites preferred material goods and earthly comfort to obeying the Lord. Why would they do it? It benefitted them in having the Canaanites work for free, or have the Canaanites pay them sums of money or supply food regularly. However, if what benefits us is against the command of the Lord, we should never be lured into it.

Worse, one sin leads to a greater one. Instead of driving the Canaanites out, they were allowed to live with the Israelites. Then the problem got worse – the Israelites began to leave their own and live among the Canaanites! We are all affected by people and circumstances around us. If we have friends who use vulgar words, defy authority, refuse to study hard, spend hours everyday on computer games, we are likely to behave like them. If we surround ourselves with children who are boastful of their academic excellence, or even of their spiritual standing, we are likely to be influenced by them.

What we see in them we may want to follow because we may be lured to believe it is not so bad after all. Furthermore, our fleshly nature makes us want to do more than they might have done. This was the problem of the Israelites for the sins of one tribe led to the larger sins of another tribe.


Thought: May I view sin seriously, and stay far from it.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, You know I am weak and can easily be led into sin. So Heavenly Father, help me to stand firm and to keep close to the Word that I might draw strength from Him. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.