JANUARY 16, Malachi 2:11, 12

“To deal treacherously” is to betray God who has loved and taught His people to walk uprightly. It is a terrible sin for it shows that the people were not only forgetful of God’s goodness, but totally disinterested in turning to God.

To worship idols is very offensive and an abomination to God. The Jews were guilty of idolatry when they placed and prayed to the idols in the temple of God while claiming that they were worshipping the living and true God.

Does this in a way apply to us? Although we say we worship God, there are idols in our life. What kinds of idols can there be in our lives? Idols can be anything or anyone that takes the rightful place of God, being first and the most important thing in our lives. Examples of idols can be as simple as the computer games when we focus so much time and energy on them. Or it can be your television, where you just cannot do without that favourite programme. Or for older girls, it can be the latest fashion or beauty product; for older boys it could be soccer or the latest computer gadget. For adults, it could be money, position and power.

These idols are very real. They can seem so important and necessary that we as Christians think we cannot live without! Such is the danger and power of idols.

Do you think you have any idols in your life? How about your brothers and sisters, or parents? Are your parents working too hard and too long? Are they out early in the day and back late, sometimes not even seeing you for days on end? Pray for them, especially if they are Christians, that they will realise God is in charge of their lives and they must put Him first.


Thought: May I have no idol in my life!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray for forgiveness for I’ve sinned and done wrong. There have been idols in my life, but Heavenly Father, thank You for today’s lesson that reminds me it is very wrong to have them. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.