JANUARY 17, Malachi 2:13, 14; Psalm 66:18

The sins of the men in taking idol-worshipping concubines led their Jewish wives to weep at God’s altar. God regarded their tears and thus would not accept the wicked offerings brought by their husbands. This is a case of fake piety. Even though these husbands sinned, they acted all innocent and continued to give offerings to the Lord. Although they knew they were wrong, they pretended to be right.

Why were they wrong? Firstly, they had more than one wife. This cannot be right! Then they took concubines who were idol-worshippers. That also cannot be right! Even after these serious sins, they continued trying to worship God, and continued pretending to be holy! That is fake piety – which is someone pretending to be godly or holy. Fake piety was a problem then. Is it now? Of course! There are many who may go to church, attend JW or adult bible classes, but outside of church, they return to their sinful lifestyles. Are you one of them? Do you live a “Christian” life on Sundays, or appear to be a good child in front of parents and teachers, but deep down, you are not what you appear to be?

Dear child, think carefully. The Lord does not want us to have fake piety. What He wants is a genuine relationship with you as your Heavenly Father. He knows you are not perfect. He knows you still sin. But what He does not want is to see you pretending to be who you are not.


If any of the below is true of you, you have to repent and ask the Lord to forgive.

1. Behave better when parents or adults are around.

2. Nice to animals only when others can see.

3. Share toys and games when others can see and praise you.


Thought: God hates pretenders.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to be a genuine child of Yours. Even though I am imperfect, please never let me be a pretender. In humility I come to You to forgive and to strengthen me to be a Christian who will try my best to be close to You. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.