JANUARY 18, Malachi 2:13, 14; Jeremiah 17:10

As we consider again the important topic of “Fake Piety”, do not look at others around you; think about yourself.

Rebecca was a model child in Junior Worship. For quizzes, she would usually have the right answers; for class, she would always be early; for memory verses, she would have them perfectly recited. It was like she was too good to be true. And sadly, indeed, she was. You see, although Rebecca looked like a good child, she was putting on a show. Rebecca had a strict dad who loved her very much, and expected her to be like him: a leader in church groups and bible studies. He had always wanted Rebecca to be a leader in JW, and had encouraged her to know God better. Rebecca obeyed, not so much because she loved God, but because she feared and respected her dad too much to disagree. But deep down, she knew she was putting on a show.

Nobody knew Rebecca’s innermost thoughts, except her trusted diary. One day when Rebecca was in school, her toddler brother wandered into her room and playfully opened Rebecca’s drawer. His eyes gleamed when he saw the beautiful leather-bound book. It was Rebecca’s diary, a book no one else knew existed. He took it in his still unsteady hands but dropped it soon after, right in the path of his waiting mum. You can imagine how surprised and saddened mum was when she accidentally read the first few lines of the diary. Closing the pages, she said a silent prayer for Rebecca, and talked to her that very night.

Dear child, are you in danger of being a “Rebecca”? Do you pretend to be a good Christian boy or girl only because you want to show someone you are “holy” out of fear or to please them? Remember, even if you can fool everyone all the time, God is not mocked; God cannot be fooled.


Thought: Be truthful to the God of truth.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray that You will help me to be a genuine believer. Help me to realise that being a Christian does not mean I am without sin, but rather, that I must try to be holy and do the things You would have me do, not because of others, but because I love Jesus.This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.