NOV 11

Romans 12:1-5
Memorise 1 Samuel 16:7
“…the Lord looketh on the heart”

In our competitive society it is easy to become influenced by the world’s values so much so that we bring some of it into our spiritual life as well. Because we have to strive to be “better” than others in school and at our workplaces to satisfy our teachers and bosses, we think that we can please God the same way. This is perhaps the reason we sometimes wonder if we are not as “good” compared with others in our service for the Lord.

When God instructed Samuel to select a successor for Saul from among the sons of a man named Jesse, Samuel wrongly assumed that Eliab was God’s choice because of his outward appearance. However we see in 1 Samuel 16:7 that God sees things very differently. Indeed, “the LORD looketh on the heart.” God does not size up people the same way the world does. Though externals are not unimportant, God’s measure of a man’s quality of service lies more in the faithfulness with which a believer performs certain tasks rather than the magnitude, complexity, or even the results of the tasks.

Because no man can see a person’s inward level of faithfulness, asking the question stated as today’s title can be dangerous as we are illequipped to decide whether what we are doing is better or not as good compared with others. Rather, Romans 12 reminds us that every one in the body of Christ will have differing gifts. These are abilities and talents that God gives to man, and it is not for man to then use it to show off or to look down on others who do not have the same ability as him. Instead, every Christian must exercise their gifts to the best of their ability, knowing that everyone has their own unique role to play in the body of Christ. What is important is not how ‘good’ we are compared to others, but how good you are in the sight of God. If we sincerely present our lives to God as a living sacrifice, holy and separate from the world, God will certainly accept our cheerful service.

Thought: Even the widow could please Jesus by giving God her two mite’s worth, but whatsoever is not of faith is sin.
Prayer: O Lord help us to understand that true wisdom is seeing things not from man’s perspective but from Yours.