FEBRUARY 8, Ephesians 5:2


“I know the Bible says God loves the world and that means everybody, but I don’t really see how He can love Hilary,” May told her older sister as they raked leaves in the backyard. “Do you really think He does?” “Is she that girl in your class who cuts queues in the school canteen?” Kelly asked while she swept the floor. “Yes,” said May. “She cheats, too, and she writes bad words on the walls in the restroom.”


“Wow! She…” Kelly was interrupted by May’s dog as he dashed through the dust she was trying to sweep and scattered them all over. “Pepper!” Kelly yelled. “Bad dog!”


Just as May and Kelly were sweeping the dust into a pile again, Pepper appeared with a dead cockroach in his mouth. “Oh, gross!” exclaimed Kelly, jumping away from the dog. “Get that thing out of here!”


“Let’s take a break,” said May, so the sisters plopped down on the floor.


Soon Pepper returned and lay down at May’s feet. “Honestly, May,” said Kelly, “I don’t see how you can love that creature. Pepper looks weird, plays too rough, and he growls at Grandma every time she comes over.” “I think he’s cute! And there are a lot of good things about him,” insisted May. She hugged her pet. “Even if there weren’t, I’d still love him because he’s mine!” she declared.


“I suppose you would.” Kelly was thoughtful. “Do you think God feels that same way about Hilary?” she asked. “God made her, so in a way, she belongs to Him, doesn’t she? So I guess He must love her, don’t you think?” May thought about that. “I know you’re right about God loving Hilary,” she said at last, “but I can’t love her.”


Kelly got up and finished sweeping the floor. “You don’t have to like the things Hilary does,” she said, “but I think God wants you to love her like He does.” Kelly grinned at her younger sister. “Tell you what, May. I’ll try to find some good things about Pepper if you’ll look for good things about Hilary.”


Thought: Though tough, may I love the unlovely.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, sometimes I wonder how You can love some of the people You know. That is because they seem so bad and mean. I know You do not love the bad things they do, but just love them and want me to learn to love them, to be a good witness and to show them Your love. This is really difficult, but Heavenly Father, I’d try with the help of the Holy Spirit. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.