NOVEMBER 20, Philippians 1:6

“Can I get this?” asked Charlie, showing a model airplane kit to his mother. “It’s like the one we saw in a movie at school. It would be so cool to put it together.” “You mean you’d like to start putting it together,” Mom corrected him. “Then you’d let it sit, unfinished, like all the other projects lying around your room.”

“But Mom,” protested Charlie, “I’m still working on those things!” “It sure doesn’t look that way,” said Mom with a frown. “But I am!” insisted Charlie. “Pieces of some of the models are waiting to dry before I do the next step. And my bike is still apart because Dad wants me to wait until the part it needs goes on sale. I’ll get it all done.”

“I hope so,” said Mom just as some neighbours came along. Mom chatted with them for a while, but Charlie just looked down. “Why didn’t you say hello to them?” Mom asked after their neighbours moved on. “I don’t know,” Charlie replied. “I never know what to say to adults.” “Maybe you should work on learning to talk to them,” suggested Mom.

“I’ve tried,” Charlie said. “I’ve even asked God to help me, but I don’t think He’s going to.” He sighed. “It’s not wrong to be shy, is it?” Mom smiled. “No,” she said, “but it would be nice to be able to greet people – even adults – in a friendly way. And I know you don’t like to pray in public, but it would be nice to have the courage to do that and to tell people about Jesus.” She looked at the model airplane kit Charlie was holding. “Okay, you may have that,” she said. “I’ll trust you to finish your other projects in your own good time. And let’s trust God to finish the work He started, too.”

“What work?” asked Charlie. “The Bible says that when you accepted Jesus as your Savior, God began a good work in you,” explained Mom, “and He’s still working. He’s still shaping you in every area of your life, including getting over your hesitancy to talk to adults or to speak up in public. He’s working in the time frame that He knows is best for you to turn out just right. So do your part by working on it, too, and trust God to do His part. He will!”

Thought: Do you feel discouraged when you’re nervous about praying in public? Or when you’re too shy to be friendly or are afraid to witness? Don’t give up!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for the assurance that you will complete the good work you have started in me. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.