OCT 13

Matthew 25:14-30
Memorise Matthew 25:21
" is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful."

When approached to serve in certain areas, I often hear teens say, “but I’m not good enough at doing this”, or “I don’t have any talents to serve”! Are these good excuses to prevent us from serving?

Today's reading takes us to the familiar parable of the talents. It tells of a man who gave his servants different amounts of talents (money) according to their ability, to see how they would use them.

What I would like to focus on, though, is the servant who was given two talents. He was able to use his two talents to earn two more talents. Thought this was less than what the servant with five talents had earned, he still received the same commendation from his lord - "Well done, though good and faithful servant". His master recognized that he only had two to start with, and so his effort in earning the two more talents was just as commendable as the first servant's. Ultimately, what his master was looking for was not how much he was able to earn, but whether he had been a faithful servant.

Likewise for us, service is not about whether or not we are able to achieve great and glorious things. Rather, what the Lord requires of us is that we are faitfhul in our service. For example, if you have been reaching out to a fellow teen for a long time but he is still not attending teens activities, this does not mean that you are a failure, for God still sees your faithfulness. Dear teen, may you thus seek always to be faithful in your service to God.

Thought: A good servant is one who is faithful.
Prayer: Lord, help me to be a faithful servant!