Titus 2:2-6
Memorise Proverbs 16:31
“…in all things shewing thyself, a pattern of good works.”

Typically, a local church will see her congregation members grow old and in time to come, the younger more able-bodied members will take over the helm. Our reading today portrays a beautiful picture of the possible relationship between the older and the younger generations of a faithful church. The older men ought to be sober, serious minded, in control of his emotions, not easily angered, strong in faith, loving and patient towards others. The older women will be holy, not gossipers, not worldly and indulgent, and teachers of good things. The young women will also be sober, serious, not foolish, they will love their husbands and their children with godly and selfless love, they will be wise in their words, pure, keepers at home, obedient to their husbands. Young men are likewise to be sober minded. If all are as described above, then the fellowship in church will be truly very blessed.

There is, however, one important note to be mentioned in our discourse and it is found in verse 4; teaching. This is a responsibility laid upon the older, that they will teach the younger. This is the role that belongs to the older. However, we have to also note that the older must himself or herself be mature in the faith, apt to teach the Word of God and fruitful in the things of the Spirit before he can be the teacher. Likewise, the younger must himself be humble and teachable before he can learn from the older.

In many ways, this is what fellowship groups of the local church are meant to achieve. Such groups are organized to help believers grow in the faith through mutual encouragement and the learning of God’s Word. Instruction is designed to cater to issues that the particular age group of believers experience in life. The objective is to help young men and women to grow to be more holy, more temperate, more sober and faithful to God and those under their care. May the Lord continue to provide us with godly fellowship groups.

Thought: Does your fellowship group aspire towards the things mentioned?
Prayer: Father, please continue to provide us with godly leaders and godly fellowship groups.