Hebrews 3:12-14
Memorise Hebrews 10:24
“…wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

As we study biblical characters like Moses and Elijah, we notice that there were episodes in their lives where they were made to spend time alone with God. It was not a time for fellowship with other saints. Instead, God intended for them to experience the special building up of their faith during these times of solitude. Solitude with God is certainly a necessary part of every Christian’s life. However, God never meant for the Christian to be always alone. Instead, He has made us creatures that require fellowship as part of our growth in the faith. In His wisdom, He created man to enjoy blessings that can only be found when two or more gather together. One such important blessing that comes from fellowship is found in our passage for today. Sin is described as deceitful; meaning, if one is not careful and watchful, one can easily fall into sin. Sin is often very subtle. Furthermore, our passage tells us that with the deceitfulness of sin, one can also become hardened; meaning, being in a state where one is no longer willing to repent or no longer feel the burden of sin. This is a sad and fearful state to be in and is described as the dog returning to its vomit (2 Peter 2:22). If the person is a true believer, chastisement from the Lord will surely come his way. But we can avoid this state. The remedy that is given to us here is the mutual exhortation of saints on a daily or regular basis. Because of the nature of sin and of our hearts, we need others to observe the falling away in us and to point them out. We often ignore or lose sight of our spiritual state and others who know us well, can point out our slipping spiritual states.

Fellowship groups are meant to fulfil this task. It is an organized group where believers can come together to help one another. Of course, fellowship is not only about pointing out the sin of others, as it also allows for opportunities to show your love and care as you encourage and build one another up in the faith. When one is down, the other is there to pull him or her up. When both are happy, then both can sing praises to the Lord together. God is pleased when believers come together in humility and mutual care and concern for one another. May you discover the joy of fellowship as the Lord has meant it to be.

Thought: Is your best friend a Christian?
Prayer: Lord, please give me godly friends and help me to be one too.