Hebrews 10:24-25
Memorise Galatians 6:1
“…love not in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth.”

The friendships and fellowship among Christians sometimes fall short of what God expects from believers. Often, fellow believers end up in disagreement and quarrel. Why is this so? This is due simply to sin. Pride and selfishness are often the main causes for disunity and unhappiness among saints. We often provoke one another to anger instead of love by our sinful ways. That should not be. This is not what God requires of believers. Our passage today appears to be a simple verse but yet it is not easy to achieve. We are commanded to provoke one another, not into anger, but instead into “love and to good works”. That means, we are to cause others to become more loving and to be motivated to do good. Instead of pride and sin, we are to help one another to love more and do good for one another. This applies mutually, which means, both the giver and receiver are to influence one another positively. You provoke me and I provoke you to love more and to be drawn to do good works as an expression of God’s love. Our love for Christ should be why we seek to do this. Our motivation to help one another should be first that Christ has done greatly for us unworthy sinners. If Christ can love us, why do we then not love others? A friendship that seeks to help one another to be more loving and more desirous to do good for Christ would be truly wonderful and precious. There will be humility and a desire for the good of the other. There will be true peace and joy.

If practiced, godly fellowship will form a unique aspect of the growth of a Christian. Such aids to faith are only found between a personal relationship of two or more saints. It cannot be replaced by the preacher over the pulpit. While preaching and teaching form a very important part of a Christian’s life, it cannot replace the benefits of mutual fellowship between saints. Fellowship is unique and special and cannot be replaced.

Thought: What is a Christian like without friends?
Prayer: Father, help to understand the need for me to fellowship with saints and help me to see the beauty of it too.