Galatians 6:1-2
Memorise John 13:34
“Bear ye one another’s burdens…”

Few of us can say we live life free of troubles. In fact, most of us have many trials and difficulties every day. Just getting through a typical school day is trying. Schoolwork is demanding, friends are not always kind, teachers not always fair. It is not easy. On top of the daily grind, some may even be confronted with especially difficult trials like a family member down with a severe illness, a father losing his job, or a calamity happening to someone close. Just as Job observed in Job 5:7; “…man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward”. This is what this life holds for all while there is sin in the world. However, for the Christian, it is different. Yes, we continue to face difficulties; however, we are not without help or hope. There is God’s Almighty hand that continues to ensure that all things that occur to His children, happen for our ultimate good and will never be beyond our ability to cope (1 Corinthians 10:13).
This is a promise He has given to us. It is with this in mind that we consider today’s passage. We are asked to bear one another’s burdens. However, when we are in need of help ourselves, it is hard to imagine helping others. But yet, this commandment does not come to us knowing that we cannot achieve it. We can still do it despite whatever difficulties befall us. The second part of Galatians 6:2 tells us that by doing so, we fulfill the Law of Christ. The Law of Christ is fulfilled when we love our neighbour as ourselves (John 15:17), and care enough to care for our fellow brethren.

We may be experiencing pain at the moment, but we are encouraged to still look upon others and consider their plight and how they suffer too and see how we can help them. This calls for us to sympathize with others and to do what we are able to do to alleviate the suffering they experience. It can be in deeds of kindness, or simply words of encouragement and comfort, or it can be by prayer. We, for that moment, forget our own problems, and think of others before ourselves. This takes love and faith, knowing that God will never forsake us and in time deliver us too. In love, we seek to do what we can for others, trusting that God will take care of us.

Thought: Are you really not able to help others?
Prayer: Father, help me to love others as myself