FEBRUARY 15,  1 John 4:4


Peng Seng sat at his desk, which was covered with various parts and decals for his model airplane. I just have to get this propeller on, he told himself but suddenly, he heard a crunch. He had held the plane so tightly that he caused a large crack above one wing. Then, like so many times before, he gave in to anger. “Stupid!” Peng Seng muttered. “Silly” He flung the plane against the wall. Peng Seng felt hot tears of shame. He hunched over his desk, laid his head on his arms, and cried.


That evening, Peng Seng showed the plane to his dad. “I totally ruined it,” said Peng Seng sadly. “Why do I get so mad about things? Will I ever get over that?”


Dad turned the mangled plane in his hands. “Are you familiar with the law of gravity?” he asked. Peng Seng nodded. “Then you know gravity holds everything-including airplanes-to the ground. So how can an airplane ever get up in the air?” “We talked about that in science,” said Peng Seng. “A greater law- aerodynamics-overcomes gravity.”


“Right.” Dad nodded and moved the plane along the table top. “As the plane moves forward, air pressure under the wing pushes upward, creating lift. The faster the plane moves, the greater the lift. When the lift becomes greater than the force of gravity, you have…”


“Take-off,” said Peng Seng. He sighed. “But what’s that got to do with my getting mad about stuff?” Dad gave Peng Seng a gentle smile. “Peng Seng, with your temper, you’re like an airplane stuck on the ground,” he said. “The law of gravity might be compared to what the Bible calls the ‘law of sin and death.’ When you’re controlled by the law of sin, you can’t gain victory over that temper of yours.”


“I… I guess not,” murmured Peng Seng.


“You need help from a higher law-a force greater than the law of sin that pins you down,” said Dad. “You’ve trusted in Jesus as Savior, so that greater force is available to you! You have the Holy Spirit. When you feel your temper rising, immediately ask for His power to help you ‘fly above’ your anger instead of giving in to it.”


Thought: I shall overcome all my weaknesses through the strength of Jesus!


Prayer: Heavenly Father, by losing self-control, I hurt myself and others. Each time I feel angry, remind me to stop, and pray. And to ask for help in overcoming the temptation to respond with angry words and actions. This I pray in the blessed name of Jesus – Amen.