FEBRUARY 16, Proverbs 1:10


“I got a new ring last week,” Jane told her friend Anne, who had come to play. “I inherited it from my grandaunt after she died. Mom’s keeping it for me until I’m older.”


“Can I see it?” asked Anne. “Maybe when Mom comes back,” Jane said. “I’m not supposed to get the ring out without permission.” “Don’t be a baby,” said Anne. “You have such silly rules at your house! What good is a ring if it stays in a box?” After Anne had made several more remarks, Jane did something she knew was wrong-she got her ring from her mother’s jewelry box. “Let me try it on,” said Anne, and she slipped it on her finger. “I think I’ll wear it awhile,” she announced. Jane frowned but didn’t object.


Mom had said the girls could go to the park across the street, so they played there for a while. “I need my ring now,” said Jane as they returned home. “I’ve got to put it back before Mom sees it’s missing.”


“Oh, all right,” grumbled Anne. She took the ring off and turned to give it to Jane. But as she let it go, she stumbled. The ring fell to the pavement, bounced once, and disappeared down a drain.


“My ring!” gasped Jane. The heartless Anne headed for her own home while Jane ran into the house and tearfully told her mom what had happened. “Anne said we have silly rules and that I was acting like a baby,” said Jane. “I was afraid she wouldn’t like me anymore if I didn’t let her wear the ring. Now it’s lost forever!” “I’m afraid you’re right,” replied Mom. “I’ll check with the sewer service, but it’s probably impossible to get it back.” Mom shook her head. “Honey,” she said, “soon you’ll be a teenager, and more and more ‘friends’ will tell you that our rules-and also God’s rules-are silly. If you listen to them, you may lose things more valuable than that ring.”


“Like what?” asked Jane. “Well,” said Mom, “if you do some things they want you to-use drugs or alcohol or bad music, for example, or lie or steal-your behavior could result in very serious and lasting consequences. Any time you’re tempted to take advice that doesn’t please God, remember what happened to Grandma’s ring and say no!”


Thought:: Dare to say “No” to Evil and Temptation.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, I know I can be influenced by others to do things that displease You. They may even encourage me to cheat in school, disobey rules, say unkind things, or share bad jokes. Teach me Heavenly Father to dare to say “No”, and to obey God, not follow others. In Jesus’ name I ask – Amen.