FEBRUARY 21,  Galatians 6:1


“Hi, Mom. Hi, baby.” Wei Tern greeted his mother and little sister when he got home after school.


“Hi, babe,” said Mom as she bounced baby Joy on her knee. “How was school today?” Wei Tern shrugged. “Is something wrong?” asked Mom.


“It’s John,” replied Wei Tern. “You know… the boy who’s been going to JW class with me. He became a Christian a few weeks ago, and it seemed like he really did change. Well, then today I saw him peek under his desk twice during our spelling test. He cheated!”


Mom set Joy on the floor. “Did you talk to him about it?” Mom asked.


Wei Tern nodded. “John admitted that he looked at the words,” he replied as he watched Joy reaching for some blocks. She knocked them together, then crawled to a chair and pulled herself up. She held onto the chair and took a few steps around it. She looked at Mom and smiled. Wei Tern chuckled, for a moment forgetting his annoyance with John. “I think you’re showing off, Joy” he said.


Mom held out her hands, and Joy left the chair and took two shaky steps before falling into Mom’s arms. Wei Tern clapped his hands. “All right, Joy!” he exclaimed. “You took your first steps! Can you walk to me?” He held out his arms.


Mom stood Joy in front of her and let go. Joy reached out, took one small step, and fell to the floor. She looked startled for a moment, and then her whole face scrunched up. “Don’t cry, Joy,” said Wei Tern as he picked her up. “They’re just your first steps.” He stood her on her feet again. “Everything new takes a little practice,” he added.


“Like being a Christian,” said Mom. “We all stumble and fall sometimes-and in the beginning, it’s especially easy to do so. Remember that your friend, John, is taking his first steps as a Christian.” She paused and gave Wei Tern time to think about what she had said. “Maybe you could give him a helping hand,” suggested Mom as she watched Wei Tern help Joy take another step. “Let John know you’re praying for him, and if he needs help with spelling, perhaps the two of you could study together.” Grinning, Wei Tern nodded.


Thought: May I not be critical, but instead help my Christian friends.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to restore, encourage others with a spirit of meekness. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.