MARCH 27, Genesis 7:19, 20 

Lily was very upset after school. The teacher told them that the Genesis Flood was not what the bible said it was! Lily was determined to find out more about the flood, so she talked to her dad that night.


Dad was calm and serious. Dad said that indeed, many schools and even Christian leaders claim that Noah’s flood did not cover the entire Earth. Further, they claim that Noah and the animals floated on a shallow, temporary shelter. But that cannot be true for many reasons, and we will examine some of them today, and tomorrow.


  1. All Mountains Covered. All mountains were at least 20 feet beneath the waters’ surface (Genesis 7:19-20). If the tallest mountains were covered by water, clearly the rest of the world would be covered! Further, the waters remained at this height for five months! (Genesis 7:18-24, 8:1-5).

  2. The Ark Was Huge (Genesis 6:15-16). The ark was necessary to prevent the extinction of humans and animals. Also, if the Flood was local, the ark was unnecessarily large. Until the first metal ships were constructed in modern times, the ark was the largest ship ever built.

  3. Humans Populated the Entire World during Noah’ time. After more than 1600 years of habitation on Earth, the planet’s population was surely large. The Bible confirms that (a) Man had multiplied upon the face of the Earth and (b) Violence and corruption filled the Earth (Genesis 6:1, 5).

  4. All Humans Were Killed in the Flood. The Bible clearly teaches that all flesh died... every man (Genesis 7:21) except Noah’ family (Genesis 8:18). Only a global Flood will be able to destroy lives of all men and creatures on land.


Thought: Believe only what the Bible says!


Prayer: Heavenly Father, may Thou grant me the faith to believe what the Bible says rather than the words of man. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.