DEC 18

1 Timothy 3:14-16
Memorise 1 Timothy 3:15
“that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God…”

1 Timothy is a letter from Paul to Timothy. Paul calls him “my own son in the faith”. Don’t you think it’s so wonderful – the Bible is not a dry book of doctrine, but we can feel the love of God through its pages. Here, we can feel the love that Paul has for Timothy – the battle-scarred, aged apostle for the young pastor.

He wrote the letter to teach Timothy how to be a good pastor! He wrote the letter because he could not be with Timothy. So, by the providence of God, we have this letter which teaches us so many precious truths. I am sure Paul wanted every pastor to study this epistle diligently, and learn the importance of right doctrine, how to conduct public worship, how to select deacons and elders etc!

Apart from all these “official” issues, Paul also taught Timothy how to “behave” (or conduct) himself in the church. The word ‘behave’ describes one’s conduct, life and behaviour. As a pastor, there was definitely a certain decorum that was expected of Timothy. The reason was because he was a servant in the house of God, which is not just any house, but the very church of the living God, and the place from which truth ought to emanate. As the leader of the church, his life must certainly reflect the truth that he preaches.

So, if the pastor has to learn how to “behave” himself in the church, do you have to do the same? Is it right to hold our pastor to a high standard of conduct, but then think that we can ‘relax’ these standards for ourselves? When you “misbehave” – remember where you are – in the “house of God… the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth”. How can it be, that the very place where we come to learn of God’s truth, is the very place where you disobey God’s Word?

Thought: How can we “behave” ourselves well in church? This comes from knowing “the whole counsel of God”!
Prayer: Lord, help me always to be conscious of the great responsibility that I have as a child of God, and behave myself appropriately – to the praise and glory of Thy Name – always!