DEC 19

Ephesians 5:23-27
Memorise Ephesians 5:23
“Christ is the head of the church.”

Many churches today are known by their influential and famous pastors. Because of their magnetic personalities, charismatic flair and talent for speaking, they draw thousands to their churches. The congregation flock to hear the pastor preach, and the church is made famous because of the pastor. When that happens, the tendency is to logically then assume that this famous pastor is the head of the church. In fact, many of these ‘celebrity’ pastors do actually encourage this image, using their fame to attract the crowds, and act more like the CEO of a company than the pastor of a church.

However the Bible in Ephesians 5 is clear as to whom the real head of the church is – that is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not man who founded the church, and neither is it man that dictates the purpose, direction or success of the church. Christ alone is the one who is in charge, for He is the one who died to save the church, and describes her as His perfect bride. What this means is that as a member of the church universal, our utmost allegiance, respect and honour must be to Christ, for we are all subject to Him (Ephesians 5:24). As we do so, we rest secure in the assurance that Christ as our head is not a wicked or cruel taskmaster, but rather is like a benevolent, loving and caring husband who loves his wife (Ephesians 5:25).

Sadly, many churches today have forgotten this, and whilst they claim to worship Jesus, they only pay him lip service whilst idolizing their leaders. Churches are run more like companies and businesses, where their success is attributed to their worldly techniques and charismatic leaders. Christ is all but forgotten amidst their commercialism. All Christians must remember who they are actually coming together to worship and who they ought to live for every day of their lives.

Thought: If Christ is the head of the church, am I a useful part of His body?
Prayer: Lord, help me to remember always to focus on You, and not idolize any human leaders.