DEC 29

Ephesians 2:18-22
Memorise Ephesians 2:19
“fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God”

Yesterday we saw how Jesus considered those who did the will of the Father as His family. However, practically speaking, this is a very difficult thing to achieve. How can I be close to someone whom I barely know, and maybe have never met before? Can I really have such a close relationship with them, such that I consider them as family? How can that be possible?

The passage in Ephesians 2:18-22 grants us further insight into this new life that we have through the finished work of Christ on the cross. The immediate answer to the above question is theological in nature. As believers, we who were once enemies of God and strangers to Him are now made one through the blood of Christ. Because of what Christ has done for us, we have free access to God in the same way a child has to a loving father. We all now have this new relationship with God, and are described as fellow citizens together with the saints, and fellow members of the same household of God. We have all experienced this common salvific work, and are all equal beneficiaries of the manifold blessings that are in store for us. When we consider any other believer, even those whom you have never met before, remember that they are all alike, the children of God, and are not to be considered as strangers or foreigners!

In order for such an understanding to translate into a true sentiment, we must grow in our faith and Christian maturity. We must first strengthen our relationship with Christ, before we can appreciate the relationship that we have with others. It is only when we put on the mind of Christ, and learn to see things from God’s perspectives, that we can see the role we play in the building that is fitly framed together as a holy temple of God. We will learn to understand the role that each part of the building plays, and appreciate what other believers are doing in the body of Christ. If our desires and ambitions are still attuned to the things of the world, then we will never be close to the other members of God’s holy house. However if we have in our hearts the sincere desire to serve the Lord, then certainly we will be able to love those who are serving alongside together with us!

Thought: Isn’t it wonderful that we have our new family in Christ?
Prayer: Lord, teach me to be a good member of this new family!