FEB 27

Luke 2:33
Memorise Philippians 2:16
“Holding forth the word of life…”

“The child’s father and mother marveled at what was said about him”, reads the New International Version’s translation of Luke 2:33. Yet this is one of the most popular and widely available modern versions. The problems with modern translations are innumerable, including the dubious spiritual integrity of translators, the underlying texts used, and the method of translation. No doubt there is also a great deal of money to be made catering to the myriad and ever changing whims of man. Man, not God knows best what is best for himself.

Nevertheless, what difference does a few words here and there make? A great deal. The Lord Jesus is the son of God, born of a virgin. Joseph is not His father. This seemingly subtle difference is significant. If Joseph is the father of Jesus, is Jesus no different from the apostles – men who performed miracles too? Therefore, no different ultimately from you and I? The undermining of fundamental doctrines has crept in. Immaculate conception, the deity of Christ are all called into question to name but a few.

The Bible is not just any book to a Christian. It is the foundation of our faith, which not just determines how we live our lives here on earth but assures us of salvation. Our faith is precise because our God is. His Word is perfect, with one meaning but many applications. It would surely matter if the formulas in your textbooks were different from one another, even slightly. Or the answers often had errors, albeit tiny ones. How would that affect your confidence in that book to teach you, and the authority of the author? We want the best resources for our earthly studies, but we are willing to settle for less of the Word of God? Other factors like readability are deemed more critical than the accuracy of manuscripts and integrity of translators. We accept the bad fruits of what we know to be bad trees. Perhaps this is why so many Christians fail to live righteous lives – our low view of God and His Word.

Thought: Do you want the best of everything in life even if you have to
work and sacrifice? What about the best English Bible?
Prayer: LORD, may I hunger and thirst after Your perfect Word and live a
transformed life.