FEB 28

2 Timothy 2:14-16
Memorise Titus 3:9
“…But avoid foolish questions…”

A debate can be intellectually stimulating and entertaining for both the participants and the audience - the quick and witty exchange of words, the sharpening of minds. Whilst the study of God’s Word is a great and desirable thing, knowledge gained and intelligence God has blessed you with are not to be used in the same manner in the church. Paul wisely instructs Timothy and ministers not to engage in debates and arguments that are futile, driven by pride or a desire to be ingenious. To ‘charge before the Lord’ emphasises the severity of this instruction. Such heated disagreements do not build up, but rather stumble believers, particularly young ones, and all believers are distracted from the true work of God.

To wonder about non-English translations is a genuine question. Believers should use the best translation available in their language.

Essential criteria in the choice of Bible versions should be the accuracy of the original manuscripts and the integrity of the translators. We use the KJV because it is the best English translation. Informing or belabouring non-English believers of the shortcomings of their Bible and providing no solution is unhelpful and unloving. This will not strengthen the faith of such believers, nor draw unbelievers to the Word of God in their native language. To learn English in order to read the KJV will not be possible for many. Therefore for any language, the believers are to use the best possible translation that they have, and wait upon the Lord to raise up able and faithful scholars who can translate the Bible more accurately and faithfully for them – it is all in the hands of God!

Do we sometimes argue and split hairs just for the sake of it, just to be right and prove someone wrong? We fancy ourselves intelligent and dare say spiritual, and formulate views and theories that really have no profit, and are actually dangerous to self and to others. It is not wrong to engage in discourse with other believers on contentious issues, nor defend the doctrines of our faith. Much wisdom and love is required to discern the things we should stand up for, the right timing, the correct words, and last but not least the right motive.

Thought: Are you quick to speak and jump into an argument?
Prayer: May I be as wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.