Psalm 103:17-18
Proverbs 22:6
“His righteousness
unto children’s children.”
Children are God’s gift to us (Ps 127:3). God Himself is interested in the physical and spiritual development of our children. His way of reminding us of His concern is in the ceremony of water baptism which is a sign and seal of the covenant of grace. Children of Christian parents are also recipients of this covenant sign and seal. Christian parents ought to have their babies baptised as soon as possible. God is pleased with this act, and will bless both parent and child accordingly.
This is where a proper understanding of God’s Covenant of Grace comes in. This Covenant of Grace is divided into two periods: (1) Old Testament and (2) New Testament. The central Figure of both Testaments is Jesus Christ. The people in the Old Testament were saved by looking forward to the cross (John 8:56), and those in the New Testament are saved by looking back at the cross. In the Old Testament, the ceremonies that identified the nation of Israel to God were the passover and circumcision. In the New Testament, since Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament, the passover and circumcision have been replaced by the Lord’s supper and water baptism respectively (Luke 22:14-20; Col 2:11-12).
The Old Testament rite of circumcision and the New Testament rite of baptism are quite similar. Paul in Colossians 2:11-12 calls water baptism “the circumcision of Christ.” Water baptism is Christian circumcision. When a Jew is circumcised, he is telling people that he believes in Jehovah, and that he is a member of the nation of Israel. When a believer goes through water baptism, he is telling everyone that he believes in Christ, and that he is a member of the Church. In the Old Testament, male babies when they reach eight days old are circumcised. Likewise in the New Testament, we baptise our babies as early as possible. They are within God’s covenant promises.
THOUGHT: The Biblical view of infant baptism (as opposed to the Roman Catholic) is not baptismal regeneration. Water Baptism simply does not save, whether it is adult baptism or infant baptism.
PRAYER: Lord, my heart is encouraged to know that Thou hath a keen interest in my children, that they should know Thee and Thy salvation.