FEB 10

John 10:1-5
Memorise John 10:27
“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”

So we know that God has certainly inspired and preserved His Word. We know that He will never allow a single word to be lost, and that He will make sure that believers always will have access to them. However, the question then begs – where do we find these preserved words? How do we as believers identify them?

As believers, the bond that we have with God is often described in terms of a sheep-shepherd relationship (e.g. Psalm 23). One characteristic of such a connection is the fact that the sheep will always know and recognize the voice of its own shepherd. When the shepherd calls, the sheep will know how to identify which voice is that of its shepherd, and it will follow only its master. However, if a stranger calls and tries to lure away the sheep, they will not follow, but will run away from him, for they do not recognise the voice of this stranger.

When we apply this principle to the Word of God, we would quickly realise that God has placed in each believer this ability to discern and recognise His true Word, and also be able to reject the false. This is the process whereby the inspired canon of Scripture was identified by the early church fathers, and is also the process whereby we can identify God’s preserved Word today. By the same logic of faith, we will understand God’s Word would be that which has always been in the hands of God’s people. That is how we conclude that God’s Word is found in the Greek and Hebrew words that underlie the King James Version, for that is the time-tested version that has been in use by the people of God for more than 400 years. No other translation of the Bible has stood such a test of time, and is clear evidence that this is what has been heard and followed by the sheep of God.

Sheep rely on the fact that a shepherd’s voice does not change because if it did then they would either end up getting confused or they would follow any other voice they heard. Likewise, the Bible is God speaking to us. We recognise God’s voice through His Word, and He ensures that it is perfectly preserved so that His children will not get confused or misled.

Thought: God’s Word declares itself to be immutable and true, and VPP helps us understand how this is possible.
Prayer: O Lord, help me to be able to discern Satan’s subtle lies and avoid them.