FEB 11

Matthew 28:18-20
Memorise Acts 20:27
“For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God”

In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commanded His disciples to go forth into the world and preach the Gospel everywhere they go. He also said that they were to teach them “to observe all things” that He had commanded them. These two elements of the Great Commission then form the mission of the church and every believer throughout the ages, whereby we are to testify of the gospel to convert unbelievers, and then teach the whole counsel of God to encourage believers. The only way that can be fulfilled effectively, is if we have the perfect and complete Word of God in our hands today! Indeed how can we have confidence in the gospel if we are not certain that we have the message of Christ in its entirety? How can we teach believers to observe all things, if we are not even certain that we do indeed have every single word of God with us?

In Acts 20:27 the Apostle Paul said that he had not shunned away from declaring “all the counsel of God” to those whom he preached. In this he showed that he had confidence in the Word that he was preaching, for he was able to teach the whole counsel of God. By application, this means the preacher of God’s Word must preach every doctrine in the Bible, leaving nothing out. In order to do so with conviction and authority he has to also believe in every single one of those doctrines. This applies as much to VPP as any other doctrine in the Bible. When we try to share God’s Word with others while not being convinced that what we are preaching from has been perfectly preserved by God’s providential hand through the ages, then we can expect our words to sound hollow and unconvincing. This is going to be glaringly obvious when we are asked by the person we are witnessing to if we believe the Bible has mistakes. It would simply make no sense for that person to believe a single word we have uttered regarding the Bible if we cannot even be sure ourselves that the Bible is perfect. On the other hand, when we are certain of our conviction in the doctrine of VPP, then we can have every confidence to declare that we have the perfectly preserved Word of God with us, and in it we have the absolute truth of God to guide us to know Christ, and to know the full and complete gospel of salvation.

Thought: Preaching God’s Word and sharing the Gospel without believing in VPP is indeed a contradiction!
Prayer: Help us, O Lord, to boldly declare all of Thy counsel to all whom we witness to.