2 Peter 3:2
Memorise Isaiah 55:11
“So shall my word… accomplish that which I please…”

Timothy Tow and Jeffrey Khoo wrote in Theology for Every Christian, “… God first appointed Moses to write the Pentateuch, the Torah or Law (of Moses). Other holy men like David wrote the Psalms and Solomon the Wisdom Literature. The rest of the Old Testament was penned by four Major Prophets and twelve Minor Prophets. These made up the 39 books of the Old Testament”. “The 27 books of the New Testament were written by the Apostles and Apostolic men”. While it is easy to come up with a list of all the human authors of the Bible, it is even more important that we understand the kind of people these men were, and how God used them to pen the Bible.

The human authors were specially appointed by God to record His words in writing. Nonetheless, they were just sinners saved by grace like you and I. The Apostles were weak and deeply flawed people who struggled with problems such as pride and anger. Peter and many of the other disciples were fishermen from Galilee. James and John were nicknamed by our Lord Jesus as “Sons of Thunder”. Some scholars think that this was because of their zeal, but others think that this was probably because they had terrible tempers (Luke 9:54). Even the Apostle Paul who wrote the majority of the NT was once a persecutor of Christians, and struggled with sin (Romans 7:14-24). In the OT, King David was guilty of adultery and murder, Solomon committed gross idolatry and had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and Moses murdered an Egyptian out of rage (Exodus 2:11-12). Yet they wrote so many Psalms (David), Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon (Solomon), and the first five books of the Bible (Moses).

In spite of all their flaws, the Holy Spirit used them for God’s glory by guiding these imperfect men to record God’s Word perfectly. They were holy not because they were sinless but because they were truly repentant of their sins, looked to the Lord for mercy and forgiveness and submitted to His will, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to enable them to serve God mightily. If you have shied away from serving God because of your flaws, do not be discouraged. If you are truly repentant and willing, God can and will use you also.

Thought: If I wait till I am perfect before serving God, I will never be able to do so in this lifetime.
Prayer: Take my life, O Lord, and make it pure, that I may perform good works for Thy glory.