Acts 5:22-23

Luke 24:31-32


“And their eyes were opened,

and they knew him…”


God works in supernatural means that even the emissaries of the archenemy are caught unaware. Let us trust in the power of God and know that He is victorious over the wiles of the devil. The defeat of Satan is already prophesied in the scriptures. Knowing this, Christians must be mindful always of the victory we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. “And the LORD said unto Joshua, Fear them not: for I have delivered them into thine hand; there shall not a man of them stand before thee” (Josh 10:8).
Apostles were out: When the officers arrived at the common prison, the Apostles were not there anymore. The prison guards apparently had no idea where they were. Even the other prisoners inside did not know how the Apostles got out. The Lord revealed His power over man. Who can fight against God and win? When God shows His omnipotence, man is left baffled. Liberals may immediately label this event as impossible and therefore irrational. But for us who know who our God is, this can be a daily affair. God is working always in our lives and there are far greater impossible things that can occur in our lives that unbelievers would struggle to appreciate.
Prison was shut: The prison was truly found shut with all safety measures in place. This means all doors were properly bolted, and the keepers were at their post and not one noticed anyone leaving the prison. The guards were outside and they did not find the doors broken for the guards themselves opened the doors for the officers. But when they went in, the Apostles were not there! Surely they were astonished by the situation. This should have pricked their hearts to think of the involvement of a supernatural power and acknowledge the Lord’s hand over this.
Do you believe God can still do the impossible? Are you experiencing the good hand of the Lord in your life?
THOUGHT: Am I sensitive to God’s leading?

PRAYER: Father, deliver me out of the prison of fear and doubt.