Acts 5:24-26

Psalm 2:4-5


“…the Lord shall have

them in derision.”


When people are perplexed, they think some incomprehensible phenomenon has occurred. However, for believers there is nothing beyond explanation. There is nothing impossible with God! Only if man acknowledge God as the most important factor in life’s equation, perplexing questions and situations are made simple.
Fearful of the outcome: The perplexing situation brought fear among the religious leaders. It was possible that some of them did consider God’s power behind these things, but their pride kept them clinging on to their beliefs. For them there could be no divine intervention. What they were more concerned with was the outcome. If this was made known to many, the group following Jesus would grow. To lose the support of the people would endanger their livelihood and the next generation of Sadducees.
Fearful of the teachings: Then there came a report that the imprisoned Apostles were standing in the temple teaching the people. The religious leaders feared that as the teachings spread, they would be found to be liars. The teachings of the Apostles were authenticated with amazing signs and wonders while they relied only on their secular power to stop and persecute the Apostles. They relied on their offices as priests and members of the council for their influence and control.
Fearful of the people: Although they wanted to get rid of the Apostles, they could not easily harm or silence them. They feared the people would rise up against them. The phrase “without violence” (Acts 5:26) describes no laying on of hands, binding or forceful action but in a calm and pleading manner were the Apostles asked to go with them to the council. The Apostles, having experienced the great deliverance of God, confidently and boldly followed the captain and officers to see the high priest and chief priests.
After a little respite, are you prepared for the next level of service for the Lord? Are you willing always to accept the privilege of serving Him?
THOUGHT: Am I serving God all the way?
PRAYER: Father, make me faithful, even unto death.