Acts 5:33

Hebrews 4:12


“For the word of God is quick,
and powerful, and sharper

than any twoedged sword…”


The good news of Jesus Christ is not so good to the unbelievers. In fact, it is outrageous to them. Just because it is not appealing to the unbelievers, Christians must not shy away from sharing the truth of the gospel. We have to tell the truth no matter what.
Heard: The disciples did not mince their words. They declared “all” that the Lord wanted them to say. The use of the phrase “cut to the heart” (Acts 5:33) likened the council members to being sawn asunder. God’s people must always remember that the greatest weapon to use to fight against the enemy is the Word of God. The disciples being godly witnesses faithfully used the words of the Saviour.
Enraged: They were enraged. Instead of being convicted of their need to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, they were angered even more. They knew they were in the wrong but their depravity could not lead them to believe, instead it led them to want to exterminate the Apostles who were showing them the way. This is the sad truth of men who are left without God’s regenerating spirit by grace to have faith in Christ. Man’s rejection of the doctrine of Total Depravity only proves that man is totally depraved!
Slay: This was the only way for them to escape from their guilt. The suggested act is illustrative of a violent means to eliminate the Apostles. In other words, they desired to put the Apostles to death by hook or by crook. They were so desperate to remove the accusing fingers of the Apostles that they wanted them out of their sight right away. This is the desire of the enemy against God’s faithful witnesses. Jesus recalled how the Jews did this to the prophets of old. “That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar” (Matt 23:35).
Do you sugar-coat your message? Do you have the courage to go and preach the whole counsel of God?
THOUGHT: Do I have “itching ears”?

PRAYER: O Father, help me to share Thy Word in and out of season.