Acts 5:34-39

Ephesians 5:11-13


“…for whatsoever doth

make manifest is light.”


God can use the counsels of people to fulfil His will and pleasure. The counsel of the presidents and princes in the time of Daniel revealed the prophet’s steadfastness in prayer and the power of God to deliver him out of the lions’ mouths (Dan 6:4-23). The counsel of Hushai defeated the counsel of Ahithophel “to the intent that the LORD might bring evil upon Absalom” (2 Sam 17:14).
Put them forth a little space: The Lord used Gamaliel, a high-ranking doctor of the law, to temporarily stop the persecution against the disciples. Gamaliel “commanded to put the apostles forth a little space” (Acts 5:34), meaning to leave them alone first. God used Gamaliel to give the Apostles a break after being taken to and fro by the officers of the high priest. God can use unbelievers but it does not mean that they are cleared of their sins being a “servant of God” for a season. This shows how our God is omnipotent and sovereign over all.
They came to nought: There were two examples given. Theudas had about four hundred men but when he was killed his followers scattered. Another person was Judas of Galilee who drew any but, similarly, when he died, those who followed after him were dispersed. In other words, Gamaliel expressed that man’s power is not lasting. Movements opposing Christianity are empowered by the Devil. So, we still need to look to God for wisdom and guidance as to how to protect the people of God.
Do not fight against God: Gamaliel pointed out that “…if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God” (Acts 5:39). Rev Tow commented, “Gamaliel is a wiser politician who sees a greater issue, touching Christianity – because he sees the power of the living and true God energizing it.” Gamaliel knows the Jehovah God of Israel. No power is beyond Him and no council can oppose His will!
Do you have confidence that no one can touch you without the Father’s knowledge? Do you trust the promise that He will be with you, even unto the end of the world?
THOUGHT: Do I submit to God’s plan?

PRAYER: Father, help me to follow Thee even unto the end.