Acts 6:2-4

Colossians 1:9-13


“…since the day we heard it,

do not cease to pray for you.”


“When God works, Satan is working doubly hard!” This is a principle that must always be remembered, especially by leaders of the church. The “murmuring” (Acts 6:1) is grumbling and complaining, an expression of dissatisfaction. The problem emerged because of neglect. Satan, having failed to arrest the work of the Gospel by external attacks, now sought to injure it by internal divisions. The dissension prompted the Apostles to call for help. They did not seek a multitude of voices to suggest myriads of ideas. A collective decision was made by the plurality of the twelve Apostles (as God ordained), and they informed the multitude accordingly. 
The ministry of prayer: Prayer is the lifeline of the church to God. The Apostles knew it was vital in the life of the church. Their neglect to pray would cut off important communication lines to the Father, and the church would go into turmoil. They were not to leave what had been ordained for them to do. The multitude then looked for seven disciples of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom. The word “tables” (Acts 6:2) in this context includes financial matters. The phrase “will give ourselves continually” (Acts 6:4) is the translation of a single Greek word which means to attend assiduously to all the exercises with diligence and perseverance.
The ministry of the Word: The supremacy of God’s Word in the ministry is the highest concern of every servant of God. The Apostles never forgot their primary roles: praying and teaching the people. They knew their function in the church. God commissioned them to study and teach the Word of God. Their main duty was to see to it that the Word of God was faithfully and accurately preached. Involving themselves in other ministries would take away much of their time from the preparation of the Word and would impact the spiritual lives of the multitude. Every pastor or preacher must have the highest view of the Word of God in their lives. Making it secondary destroys the church!
Are you helping in the church so that your pastor can concentrate on prayer and the Word? What gift did God give you to serve Him?
THOUGHT: How is my service in church?

PRAYER: Father, may I be willing to serve Thee more and more.