Acts 6:7

Romans 10:17


“So then faith cometh by hearing,

and hearing by the word of God.”


The Lord was pleased with the decision of the twelve Apostles. With the establishment of the office of the deacon, the dissension decreased, the widows were attended to and the Apostles prayed and taught. When God’s order is in the church, the blessings of God are surely upon her also. This surely brought blessings of spiritual maturity.
The Word of God increased: It did not mean an increase in content and length, but in its supremacy in the church. God’s Word took the preeminent place in all their ministries. Be it in prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread, the Word of God took primacy. The people also sought to know more of God’s Word. The place of the Word in the hearts of the people increased and their hunger for it intensified. Many were interested to know the doctrines of the Christian faith and they devoured the teaching and preaching with much gusto.
The disciples multiplied: Because of the increase of the Word of God, the number of disciples further increased. They multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, a blessing from God for their faithfulness. The increase of God’s Word resulting in the increased number of disciples is the biblical pattern for church growth. Many churches today increase in their numbers as they undermine important biblical doctrines, but the increase only makes them centres of religious activities without the worship of the living and true God.
The priests believed: It was described that a great company of priests became obedient to the faith. The previous chapter described how the high priest and chief priests were against the Apostles. However, during the course of interrogations, these priests probably heard the arguments of Peter and other Apostles. The recipe given here is not the seeker-sensitive strategy of today’s church, but the Word-centred approach of the New Testament church. Church growth must begin with God’s Word.
Is God’s Word supreme in your life? Do you consider the Bible as the centre of your personal, family and church life?
THOUGHT: Do I acknowledge the power of God’s Word?

PRAYER: Father, teach me to use the sword of the Spirit, the Bible.