Acts 7:17-19

Ecclesiastes 3:11


“He hath made every thing

beautiful in his time…”


Most of the time, men do not seek God’s approval and leading in their daily lives when everything is smooth sailing. But in tough times, when they are shaken, that is the time they come to God in prayer, seeking for His help and will. Thank God for the Spirit’s prompting. As believers, we ought to be sensitive to it that we may be dependent servants of Him.
God has sworn: The prophecy given to Abraham was made hundreds of years before the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. God declared, and it was fulfilled. This is one marvelous display of God’s faithfulness to His promises. He never will forget what He has proclaimed. He is not late nor early. Everything is set according to His directive plan and we as His children must be attentive to His directives so that we will not be left behind! The population of the children of God increased and they were prepared to go to Canaan to occupy the Promised Land. They were then to drive out the heathen nations of the land and to inhabit it. God assured them of His presence and they were always assured of victory as they fought their battles in the strength and power of the Lord!
God has ordained: There was a newly appointed king who knew not Joseph and therefore was very hostile to the children of God. He ordered all the male babies to be thrown into the River Nile. But God was with His children and He saved many of them. It was a very difficult life but it made them willing to leave Egypt. It may not seem to be the best method to convince them based on worldly wisdom but it was indeed the perfect one. It was the best way for them to see God’s almighty power and caring hand to carry them out.
Do you see always the perfect timing of God in your life? Do you appreciate and give thanks for it?
THOUGHT: Saints may feel the stroke of death, but not its sting.
PRAYER: O Lord, help me to look beyond my vexations unto the glorious triumph that Thou hast promised.