Acts 7:26-29

Isaiah 26:1-4


“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,

whose mind is stayed on thee…”


When we serve the Lord according to our own plans and programmes and we fail to seek His will and way, the results will be discouraging. Some may be distressed and eventually leave their calling because they find themselves a failure. Others however remain faithful to the Lord and acknowledge the mistakes they have made. They repent of their ways and wait upon the Lord for the right time to work.
As a ruler: Moses’ expected time of deliverance was wrong when he tried to impose himself as the ruler of his brethren. The Lord did not introduce him, and the people did not acknowledge his authority over them. He was just seen as one of the Egyptian princes who had pity for the children of God. He asserted his good counsel to them warning that they should not strive against one another for they were brethren. But the problem was he set a wrong example in murdering the Egyptian soldier. He promoted kindness and love, but he had demonstrated murder before their eyes.
As a judge: Moses was questioned about his authority over his brethren: “Who made thee a ruler and a judge over us?” (Acts 7:27). He had no words to say. The priests who thought themselves righteous under the Mosaic law should have been pricked by this account. They did not have any authority over God’s people. They themselves were outside of God’s realm. They needed to be saved first so that they could perceive the truth.
As a fugitive: As somebody was a witness to what Moses had done to the Egyptian, Moses got scared. He became fearful of Pharaoh’s judgment. He suddenly was overtaken by the fear of man. This is the condition of a person who begins a work without God’s call and authority. He easily backs off and is scared of the sword. He forgets that there is a far greater and mightier sword that Christians possess: the Word, the sword of the Spirit.
Is God with you in your service to Him? Are you waiting upon the Lord to know His will and His way?
THOUGHT: Am I patient?

PRAYER: Father, may I be thankful for Thy foreordained will for my life.