Acts 7:30-36

Hebrews 11:24-26


“Esteeming the reproach of Christ

greater riches than the treasures in Egypt…”


Though it was untimely for Moses, the Lord knew how it was necessary for the deliverer to be trained first in the “University of the Wilderness.” It was “on the job training” for Moses who had to lead the people out of Egypt. He had to leave the palace of Egypt to abide in the wilderness of Sinai. The LORD appeared: After forty years of obedient waiting upon the Lord, the perfect time of appointment came. The LORD appeared to Moses in the wilderness as a flame of fire in a bush. Moses learned his lessons well, he was not anymore the man who presented himself before his brethren. In Exodus 3 and 4, Moses made many excuses because he then knew that he had no power and talent to do the work. Moses’ attitude was not one of false humility, but a real acceptance of who he was based on what he had experienced.
The LORD commissioned: The LORD charged Moses to go back to Egypt to deliver the children of God. The commissioning was not because Moses had this plan before, but because the LORD had seen the affliction of His chosen people and He heard their groaning of pain and distress. The time was ripe for them to come out, the people were ready to leave. They needed a God-sent leader to bring them out and to lead them to the Promised Land. This is God’s mercy and grace upon His children. No one can accuse Him of neglect, He comes in the perfect time to deliver His people.
The LORD delivered: In God’s perfect appointment, He showed Pharaoh His power over the gods of Egypt. The people saw their deliverance in the God who called Moses to bring them out of bondage. The LORD did not just bring them out from the land of slavery, He went with them in the pillar of a cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. He parted the Red Sea, He provided them with drinking water, the daily manna from heaven and meat. This is marvelous! When God delivers, there is no lack.
Do you acknowledge that everything is given through God’s providential hands? Do you appreciate His loving hands extended to you?
THOUGHT: Do I believe in the loving God of the Bible?
PRAYER: Father, let my mouth praise Thee always for Thy blessings.