OCTOBER 19, 2 Kings 4:42-44 


Have you ever been without food for more than a day? No? Then you won’t know what hunger pangs are. You may have seen pictures of malnourished skinny bodies with bloated tummies. They are mostly found among tribes in lands that experience famines.


In those days, times were bad and food was scarce. The young trainees in the ministry of God’s Word had no steady income. So, where did their meals come from? They were dependent on the donations of the kind and faithful. On one occasion, a man from Baal-shalisha came with an offering of twenty loaves of barley bread together with some ears of corn.


These “loaves” were not of the size that we call loaves today. They were more like the pita bread they sell in supermarkets. 20 of them might make a decent meal for 6 or 7 men but Elisha had a total of 100 men to feed. That was way too little to feed 100 men! However, Elisha was not perturbed. He knew the gift of 20 loaves and ears of corn was from the Lord, and he gratefully accepted it and asked the men to sit and eat. The men obeyed and did eat to their fill. There were even leftovers!


How was the above possible? Was there some magic woven by Elisha? You see with God, there is no magic. With God, there is providence and in this case, the miracle of somehow multiplying the amount of bread such that they became sufficient for the men. These are things that we can only see with eyes of faith. Science, and many today, will tell us that was impossible. How can that happen? Well, they forget God is the God of the impossible! God has promised that, those who fear Him will never lack anything good. Of course, that will include the food we eat.


Compare Elisha’s miracle with that of Jesus:
1. Fill in the blanks numbers: (Read Matthew 14:17-21)

Jesus fed _______ thousand with _______ loaves and _______ fishes. Leftovers filled _______ baskets.


2. Fill in the blanks with the same word:

Miracles are meant to increase our ________ in God. Christians must live by _________and not by sight.
Without ________ it is impossible to please God.


Thought: God always provides!


Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to increase my faith. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.