Luke 2:8-20

Isaiah 9:6-7


“Behold, a virgin shall conceive.”


Jesus Christ the Eternal Son of God was born of the seed of a woman. He was completely human yet completely divine. This is a miracle of God’s grace. We now move on to meditate on the life of Christ while He was on earth. We will follow Him step by step as He fulfilled the plan of the ages for the salvation of mankind. We will first consider the period of the Lord’s life before His active ministry began.
As we look at the life of our Lord, we will see many amazing prophecies fulfilled. The Scripture prophesied that the Saviour would be born in Bethlehem of Judah. And indeed that was the place of His birth (Mic 5:2; Matt 2:1).
An angel appeared to a group of shepherds and announced His birth. After the announcement, a whole army of heavenly beings joined the angel and sang praises to God (Luke 2:8-14).
The shepherds, thrilled at this glorious heavenly announcement, decided to go and see for themselves the tremendous thing that had happened. They arrived in Bethlehem and found the Christ-child with Mary and Joseph and they worshipped Him. Afterwards they returned to their sheep, praising God for fulfilling His promise in sending the Messiah. Along the way, they told everyone what had happened (Luke 2:15-20).
Our brief meditation upon this familiar scene should bring a ringing challenge to the heart of every Christian. A group of simple shepherds believed the message of the heavenly host. After they had seen the Christ-child, the Scripture tells us they told everyone about the great event. They had no training and little education, but this great message of salvation was too important to keep to themselves. We too should be excited about the Gospel and concerned about the souls of men.
THOUGHT: Were the shepherds qualified to spread the Good News?
PRAYER: I thank Thee, Father, that I have met Christ and my life is forever changed.