Matthew 4:5-7

Psalm 91:1-12


“…and the Father in me.”


Satan had been defeated in his first attempt to tempt the Lord to sin. He then returned with another temptation. This time he took the Lord to a high portion of the Temple. Many Bible scholars think it may have been the southern portico which overlooked the Kidron Valley. It was about 150 metres from the top of that part of the Temple to the valley floor. In any case, Satan asked Christ to commit a very foolish act which once again would have glorified Himself and tested the Father. Satan based his challenge on a misuse of Scripture, partially quoting Psalm 91:11-12. We saw long ago in the Garden of Eden how the misuse of God’s Word helped bring sin into the human race. The misuse of Scripture remains one of Satan’s cleverest methods of deceiving people.
Today, many false religions are based on the Word of God, usually removed from its context. Sad to say, many true believers are deceived in this same way. There is great danger in removing verses from their context to support what we believe rather than searching out the Word to see what it really says.
Psalm 91 which Satan used says that those promises belong to those who dwell in the “secret place of the most High” (Ps 91:1). In the physical sense, these verses are prophetic concerning Israel in the last days. However, in the spiritual sense, these promises are to all of God’s people. To be in His “secret place” is to walk in obedience to Him. Satan asked Christ to do something that was not in line with the Father’s will, and yet he cited God’s promises that are based on obedience (Matt 4:5-6). Jesus refused, quoting Scripture: “It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God” (Matt 4:7; Deut 6:16).
We here see the importance of knowing the Scripture so we might be protected from those who would misuse it and lead the uninformed astray. Let us be diligent students of God’s Word.
THOUGHT: Do I diligently study God’s Word?
PRAYER: Father, help me to put Thee first so that my path will be directed aright.