Psalm 119:16


"Peese come to school next Fwiday! Peese! Peese!" begged Aaron, wildly waving a printed reminder of the special Family Day at kindergarten.

"Of course I’ll come," answered Mother, giving three-year-old Aaron a hug. "Janna can come, too. She doesn’t have school next Friday."

"Yippee!" hollered Aaron as he went off to play with his toys.
Janna smiled. "It will be nice to see Mrs. Tan again," she said. "I still remember being in kindergarten. I had so much fun there."

When Mother and Janna visited the kindergarten, they watched as Aaron and his classmates colored a picture, listened to the story of "The Little Engine That Could", and found things in the room that were blue.

After enjoying cookies and drinks, Mrs. Tan clapped her hands for attention."It’s time to line up to go to the playground,"she announced.She took two long ropes out of the closet.The boys lined up on one rope,and the girls on the other. Each child held tightly to the rope. Mrs. Tan took a rope in each hand and led the way out. "Be sure to watch for cars," she reminded the children as they started across the parking lot. The three and four-year- olds made their way past several parked cars and a big yellow school bus.

"I remember that rope," Janna told her mother as they followed the children. "I held on to it for dear life." Then she laughed and added, "The playground seemed much farther away then, and walking past all the cars scared me."

Mother smiled. "We may be older, but we still need to hang on to a rope," she replied. Janna looked puzzled, and Mother laughed. "Not a literal rope," she said, "but in a way, God’s Word is like a rope. We don’t have to hold on to it to keep our salvation – the Bible says we are ‘kept by the power of God.’ But the Bible also tells us to hold fast to what is good. We do this by reading, memorizing, and obeying what God says in His Word."

Thought: Forget not His Word!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I know no one can plant the words in the bible into my heart, except myself. No one can make me memorize it. No one can force me to think about what God says in His Word and apply it to my heart and life. I must make the choice to do it. It takes time and effort, but I will be rewarded. Teach me to dare to do it, for it will not be easy. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.

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