2 Corinthians 2:15


"What is that nasty smell, Mom?" Karen asked. She and her mother were volunteering at an old folks’ home one Saturday morning and were preparing food bags to be passed out. "I don’t think I ever smelled anything so horrible!" complained Karen. "What is it?"

"I’m not sure," said Mom, but eventually, they found the culprit. A large rotten potato was near the bottom of the 20-pound sack they were emptying.

"Let’s get rid of that thing!" Karen exclaimed. "I’ll do it." She held her nose with one hand and used a gloved hand to throw the rotten potato. But when Karen came back, she noticed the smell was still there. "Are there more rotten potatoes?" she wondered aloud as she and her mother continued to work. A little later she added, "I think more of these potatoes smell kind of funny, but we haven’t found any more rotten ones."

"That rotten one was next to the others, and some of its bad smell rubbed off on them," Mom explained. She went over to a shelf and picked up a can of air freshener."The smell is in the air,too.We’ll see if we can replace it with this."

"Rotten potatoes smell disgusting," said Karen. "Yes," agreed Mom, "and you know, honey, we can be just like that rotten potato if we aren’t careful. Sometimes we let ugly things get into our lives-like a bad attitude, or lying. If we allow those kinds of things to remain in our lives, we’ll soon be disgusting. People won’t like being with us."

"I wouldn’t want to be around me if I smelled like that rotten potato!" Karen said as they started sorting their next sack of potatoes. She sighed. "But it’s awful easy to whine and complain about the things I don’t like."

"That’s true," agreed Mom. "The best way to get bad stuff out of our lives is to replace it with good things. When we fill our hearts with things like prayer, Bible reading, we’ll be spreading the fragrance of Jesus to those around us.""Okay,"said Karen,"so let’s sing while we work."She started to sing a chorus she had learned, and with a smile, Mom joined in. Replace those things with the fruit of the Spirit. You’ll find it listed in today’s Bible reading. The things you find there will be like a sweet fragrance for others, and they are a good testimony for Jesus.

Thought: Is there anything you need to clean out of your life? If you continue to let lies, hate, disobedience, grumbling, or complaining stay in your heart, it won’t be long before others do not want to be around you.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, sometimes I regret after I say or do certain things. Teach me heavenly Father to consider my way – and to try to always be a good witness for Jesus! In his precious name I pray – amen.

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