Romans 3:22-23


"I’m glad Jeff raised his hand and stayed after class to talk with Brother Mike about being saved," said Jennifer as she and her friend Sandi walked to the hall after Sunday school.

"Me, too," Sandi agreed. "Maybe he’ll be nicer now – he’s always been so wild! And I’ve heard his brothers are, too." She shook her head. "I’m glad my family isn’t like that," added Sandi. "It must be embarrassing to have to go and get saved. I’m glad I was born a Christian."

"But everybody has to be saved," objected Jennifer.

"Oh, Jennifer! Not everybody," Sandi argued. "I come from a great family. We have one of the nicest houses in town – and my father is a rich businessman!"

When a circus came to town a few days later, Sandi invited Jennifer to go with her to a late afternoon performance. The girls were excited and eager to see the animals, acrobats and clowns. "Oh, no!" Sandi groaned as she searched her pockets when they arrived. "I must have left the tickets in my desk!" She approached the man at the gate. "Can you please let us go in now if we promise to come back and bring the tickets later?" she asked.

"Please?"The gatekeeper shook his head. Sandi frowned, and then she looked him straight in the eye. "Do you know who I am? And do you know who my father is?" she asked haughtily.

"Well,Mr.Rich Man’s Daughter,"said the gatekeeper,"when you show me your ticket you can get in. Not before!" Defeated, the girls turned away. After walking in silence for a few minutes, Jennifer glanced at Sandi. "It didn’t make any difference who you are, did it?" asked Jennifer timidly.

She paused, then added, "If the gatekeeper wouldn’t let you into the circus even though you come from a wealthy family – and even if you’re the Prime Minister’s daughter-what makes you think God will let you into heaven for those same reasons? The Bible says everyone has to be saved. You need a ticket to get into the circus, and you need Jesus to get into heaven!"

Thought: Do you think you’ll go to heaven because you have a good home and family? Whether you’re from the best home in town, or the worst, you are a sinner. You have to decide on your own.
Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to commit my life to You. Thank You for the reminder that I’ve got to decide on my own, and accept Jesus to come into my life. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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